The director of Go Gisenyi Tours is an experienced tour operator.

With 5 years of experience, Francis has guided numerous easy as well as challenging trips on the Congo Nile trail, guiding the international tourists, both when only camping was possible, as well as now where guesthouses and other accommodations are available on the shore along the trail.

Francis holds bachelor degrees in travel and tourism management from RWANDA TOURISM UNIVERSITY COLLEGE (RTUC)and different certificates of achievement credited British canoe union and by RDB, the institution in charge of tourism in Rwanda.

He really likes this job, beyond having the expertise and capacity to organize the best hiking, biking and wild life tour packages.

Under the experienced guidance of Go Gisenyi Tours, discover the natural jewels and cultural heritage across Rwanda. The tour operator organizes special excursions to coffee and tea plantations, thrilling bike adventures, and city tours. Engage in a traditional fishing night and learn about life of the local fishers’ cooperative, or see the dancing pots of the indigenous Batwa tribe. The guides’ excellent communication skills and knowledge of foreign languages ensure a safe and in-depth experience. Add Go Gisenyi Tours to your Gisenyi travel itinerary, and discover new vacation ideas