Coffee roasting experience

Arabica and Maraba coffee of Rwanda’s biggest export, the bourbon beans are grown with formers on volcanic soils at 1450m and 1 800m.This widely sought after bean has a good body and classic lean taste. Join us on tour from crop to cup to experience each step of coffee making process to end of whole…

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Hiking trails

The Congo Nile Trail experience on Lake Kivu shores covers a range of attractions, of which the biggest on is the watershed separating two greatest African basins (Congo and Nile). We hike and bike through the impressive landscapes which provide a habitat to a great variety of plants and birds. The itinerary: Gisenyi-Kibuye 4 days hike,…

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City tour

Visit the local market, Umuganda stadium, Gisenyi airport, the borders of neighboring DRC, climb Rubavu hill, the historical site between Belgian soldiers who died during First World War 1918. Experience the authenticity of real life of Rwandans: dance and local food. 50$ per person: city tour by bike or for walk, dance and local food,…

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Biking Congo Nile Trail Guided Tour Cycle from Gisenyi to Kibuye in two challenging days stopping overnight at the beautiful Kinunu guesthouse and on Day 2, the best views  take you as far as the magic town of Kibuye.  Be ready to  ride  at least 7 hours on day 2. Please bring snacks  as there are…

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Go kayaking and explore the beauty of Lake Kivu, a very safe lake in east Africa with no dangerous hippos and crocodiles, with tranquility and birding on coastline and interact with local fishermen in the fishing village nearby Gisenyi. Do half day and a couple of hours on water depending on your availability.

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Tea Tours

The Pfunda tea Tours is a wonderful agriculture tourism attraction which benefits the local community. It is 11 km from Gisenyi town and easily accessible by car. Two partners are involved: the Cooperative, which are a local cooperative, and the Pfunda tea factory. They plan to develop it into tea tourism from the harvesting experience…

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The hot spring

Thought to have multiple medicinal and curative virtues, these hot springs are hot enough to cook eggs on, while visitors take a swim in the heated waters of the adjacent lake Kivu. The hot springs of Nyamyumba (springs bubbling up into a large green pool) are found about 7km from town centre on the way…

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